You have worked hard and saved diligently. Maybe You have done OK investing on your own for several years but now you want professional advice as your finances become more complex. Or, maybe You have managed your own portfolio successfully since the beginning of your career but have reached the point in life where you want more time for other pursuits and/or you are ready to offload the management of your assets to a trusted professional.

WWA can assist with your investment needs no matter what your situation but, as a financial planning firm, our skill set is much broader than investment management alone. We want you to “enjoy the journey” as much as possible while working toward a financially secure future.

To create a plan that provides that balance, we ask questions about your life goals and values.

  • What do you think will bring meaning and purpose to your financial life?
  • What would you like to accomplish or experience so that, in the end, you will feel you have lived your life fully?
  • What would you do if you had more time and money?
  • How would you define living a “rich” life?

Identifying what is most important in your life is critical to the financial planning process. Once we know what your values are, we can help you align your spending and investments with them. At a more fundamental level, all the money in the world will not bring you satisfaction unless you recognize what is important to you.


Fee Structure

For clients with investable assets of over $600,000 our fees are determined by percentage of assets under management, number of accounts and complexity.

Asset Range

Annual %

Annual Minimum

Annual Maximum

Assets between $600,000 - $849,999




Assets from $850,000 to above $5,400,000





For households with less than $600,000 in Investable Assets:

Though we do not require a minimum asset level as a prerequisite for working with a client, we do ask that clients with smaller asset bases pay a minimum fee. These minimums differ with the age of the client, as follows:


Minimum Annual Fee

20 – 30 years


30 – 40 years


40 – 50 years


50 – 60 years


60 years+



Clients pay the greater of their age-based minimum and their asset-based calculated fee. We may negotiate different fee arrangements for clients in unusual circumstances.

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