Jalene has been a frequent speaker at various community events and conferences. Here are some sample topics she has presented:

  • Retirement Readiness for Cummins Employees 
  • Making the Most of Your Company Benefits 
  • Know Your Numbers: Improving Health & Wealth 
  • Confused About Saving for Retirement? A Look at Various Retirement Saving Options 
  • Under the Hood – A Look at Portfolio Construction for Volatile Markets 
  • Suddenly Single – Preparing or Coping with Divorce or Widowhood 
  • Caring for Aging Parents 
  • Questions Adult Children Have for Their Parents 
  • College Planning – It’s Never Too Early 
  • Teaching Kids About Money 
  • Indiana College Choice 529 Plan 
  • Yours, Mine & Ours – Communication is the Key 
  • Fiscal Fitness Building Blocks 
  • More Month Than Money 
  • Meeting Charitable Interests with Your Annual Required Minimum Distributions 
  • Why Smart People Do Dumb Stuff with Money 
  • Breaking the Money Silence – Learning How to Talk About Money 
  • Prince Charming Isn’t Coming (multi-day workshop) 

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