You’re thinking about "retiring", but not sure what that means for you? Having a hard time imagining life beyond your career or business? Concerned about what this next life stage will bring? Desiring to craft a more fulfilling and meaningful life? Worried about outliving your savings? Wanting a different life balance, but not knowing how to attain it? Considering how to leave something significant to the next generation? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you may be ready to start planning for the second half of your life. Designing Your 2nd Act combines your desire for a greater understanding of life and your values with the confidence you have the resources to support your vision. After working with me you will: 

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  • Know where you want to spend time and make a difference
  • Know who you are and the impact you make on the world
  • Overcome the fear of the future
  • Understand how you relate to money
  • Know you have enough money to support your vision