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  •  RSP and Cash Balance Plan
  •  ESPP
  •  Healthcare Benefits
  •  HSA and Dependent Care Spending
  •  KESIP
  •  Deferred Compensation
  •  Incentive Compensation


Jalene’s husband has worked at Cummins for over 30 years. We have seen the improvements in benefit programs over the years. Cummins provides employees with a competitive benefits package, but are you doing all you can to maximize those benefits?

When Jalene’s son started at Cummins he had so many questions during his on-boarding week:

  •  How much do I put into RSP, how should I invest?
  •  Do I really need an HSA?
  •  What about a ROTH?
  •  How do I balance long-term savings vs short-term needs and wants?


WWA has worked with many Cummins employees over the years developing strategies to maximize their benefits and save taxes. We have both the expertise and a process to model your complete financial picture and help you put choices into perspective. We know what questions to ask, how to frame your choices and show you the impact of those choices.

Cummins has one of the best 401k plans in the industry. Starting with a Target Date Fund is a good introductory strategy, but do you really understand how it is invested and how it works? Download our Free White-Paper to get the details and see which strategy is right for you.

As your career advances and you take on more responsibility you have access to additional benefits but will have less time to evaluate them. Understanding the nuances of those benefits and how they can fit into your long-term financial plan is too important to do it on your own. Seeking advice from an experienced advisor familiar with the Cummins stock options programs, excess benefits, deferred compensation, and restricted share plans costs very little but could yield significant benefits.

Your financial future is too important to leave to the tender mercies of a security salesman. Schedule an appointment today to discover what it means when we say, “No commissions, no confusion, our only special interest is you.”