Monthly Reflection: Uncertainty

Jalene Hahn |

 Quote - "The ultimate form of preparation is not planning for a specific scenario, but a mindset that can handle uncertainty." ~James Clear

  • We can't escape uncertainty.  No one can accurately predict exactly what their future will hold.  It can be unnerving, but the more adept we can be at tolerating the ambiguity of tomorrow the better off we'll be.
  • Uncertainty carries risk.  It also holds unknown possibilities.  Whatever challenges tomorrow may contain, trust your future self to handle them.

Question - What are you doing to prepare for an uncertain future?

  • Plan to adapt. Sooner than later you will need to. At some point in your life, you will confront unwelcome, unexpected setbacks. Brainstorm what they might be. Then, create contingency plans. 
  • When you have thought through Plan B, you’re better equipped to respond to changing circumstances with agility. 

Quill - 'Planning for uncertainty': narratives on retirement transition experiences by Suzanne Moffatt & Ben Heaven

  • “Planning for” retirement can be paradoxical. We can prepare for retirement as best we can, but this life stage is rife with uncertainty. It’s important to think through our imagined future while acknowledging that we can’t predict exactly what is waiting for us down the line.
  • Plans set earlier in life may change (or not come to fruition at all). We will be well-served to approach retirement prepared but ready to respond to unforeseen events with flexibility. 
  • Retirees sometimes undergo a seismic identity shift. Planning for life after work is incomplete if this issue goes unaddressed. “Who am I without my job?” “What will I do?” These questions are daunting for many professionals as they contemplate, “What’s next?” 
  • Financial security is a cornerstone of a positive retirement experience, but it’s not all that counts. To flourish later in life, we need our physical health and strong relationships too.

Friday Reflection - Change is one of the only constants in your life.  Embrace it.  To respond to what's next, assess new information as it becomes available.  Adjust your strategy as needed.  Uncertainty makes space for possibility.  Facing the unknown can be daunting, but choosing to courageously step into uncharted territory is a growth opportunity.