Monthly Reflection: Dreams & Aspirations

Jalene Hahn |

Monthly Reflection: Dreams & Aspirations

Quote - “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.” - Richard Branson

  • Don’t confuse staying safe with playing small. It’s okay for your aspirations to make you a little bit uncomfortable. When we craft our dreams, we sometimes talk ourselves out of options within our reach. “It won’t work out.” “I couldn’t possibly do it.” “I might fail.” These stories poison possibility.
  • Stretch. Your goals should make you reach. Give yourself permission to want more.

Question - When do you feel the most and least fulfilled at work?

Quill - What Makes Work Meaningful and Why Economists Should Care About It

  • You will likely spend a large portion of your waking hours devoted to your job. It is important to understand what makes work a life-enriching experience or a degrading one.
  • Most people don’t work for money alone. Often, professionals are driven by a larger sense of purpose. When they have the opportunity, people gravitate to what gives them meaning, and what engages them with respect to talent, energy, and skill.
  • Anchoring professionals to their “why” on the job is important on both an individual and organizational level. Whether or not employees connect to meaning in their jobs will impact the bottom line of a business. It impacts productivity, engagement, retention, and turnover. Employee wellbeing boosts organizational performance.

Friday Reflection

Wherever you are in your life and career, let yourself keep dreaming.

  • What do you want?
  • What are you prepared to do to make it your reality?
  • Life is too short to live for your “time off.”

Reflect on what initially drew you to your current job. Consider what keeps you there. If you’re unhappy, be honest with yourself about why you stay. Whatever your relationship is with your career, remember that your mindset about it matters.